My poor baby

So this morn I’m all up early and ready to go in PS. My computer however had other ideas. I turn it on, blue screen. Hmm that ain’t so good. NP I tell myself, it’ll be ok, just go into safe mode. That works, restart, nothing. Just gets stuck on the windows screen. Grr. Try safe mode again. Nada. OMG panic mode. Then I get the dreaded, feared message. Windows cannot start as file blah blah is corrupt or missing. OMFG. I call tech support, and drag out my old laptop at the same time. Tech support was helpful……..:Yea your operating system is gone. Do a restore. Tops love, but what about my hard drive? Gonski if you do that. Uh huh, I know all too well. Soooo I am without PS and my skin files and anything else of use. It can be saved just may take some time…………cue emo tear!!! I will be online as much as this thing will allow me, it really is a stripped back laptop! But until my main comp is up and running, I can’t really do anything. sniff. I have a set of makeups in my inv and thank god I uploaded the product shots last night! Nyer Nyer Microsoft! So I’ll put those out later in the week after I have sulked enough!!
Love Ash

~ by Ashia Tomsen on December 27, 2007.

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