So I’m protesting against theft with several other designers. Not doing anything just standing there with big signs above our heads! Then I look at a poster in this store. OMFG Holey mo jeans from Dutch Touch being sold in this fucking fleapit for 150L. Ironic that I happened to be wearing the originals! The “builder” was telling his pals to AR everyone, then they orbed me, which made me crash. I’m going back to get screen shots. EDIT. Got the shots, also a pic of someone wearing the original outfit standing in front of the ripped off one. I’m sure my time will come, you havent made it till you get ripped off afterall! I’d like to think that people would help me if and when it happens. Don’t support theft in SL, don’t buy ripped goods in SL, there is no supply without demand.Angrily Ash

~ by Ashia Tomsen on February 2, 2008.

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