Will It Ever End?

Iv’e just finished protesting for and with Akasha Wachman (Catnips mad scientist designer). I don’t know Akasha personaly, but her designs and imagination have helped shape my second life, and inspired me beyond belief. The item in question was a pair of boots, designed by Akasha, sold by someone else, obviously without her consent. When Kenlee (my business partner) tp’d me, I was orbed, booted, then greeted with endless prims containing pornographic material. This was the owner of the land parcel doing the griefing, not the protesters. I have a strong stomach, but the images made me sick.
Then Kenlee told me she was IM’d by a Linden (whose first name shall remain a secret) and told to cease and dissist protesting. K as far as I knew it was LL policy to stay out of resident disputes (which this would be classed as). Secondly, no-one that was protesting was breaking the TOS, in fact the only av doing that was the land owner (the porn, orbing etc).This Linden msg’d Kenlee several times, asking her to stop. You would have to be blind and deaf to not see what the land owner was doing, the crime we commited? Shouting “TAKE DOWN THE STOLEN CONTENT”. No swearing, no griefing, no weapons. That was the extent of out protest. Yet, if this Linden was close enough to hear Kenlee shouting, or indeed any of us, then they would have known a) what it was about, b)we had a legitimate reason to be there, and c)the land owner was orbing us left right and centre, spamming the sim with porn in an attempt to get us to leave and breaking several other TOS rules.
My point? Linden Labs don’t give a shit. They will even go as far as allowing a Linden to be present on the behalf of the land owner selling stolen content. Time and time again they have shown us that they want us here to create, to sell SL to the corporate investors, but will never never protect the content we provide.Without the awesome designers, wtf is SL? A bunch of fucking ruths with play-doh skin and default hair. FYI, the Linden that got involved was born end of Dec 2007. maybe they should brief their employees before letting them lose in SL to run ammock? Just my 2 cents.

~ by Ashia Tomsen on February 21, 2008.

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