They’re heeeere

Pic heavy post coming, so hold tight.

Idiosyncrasy Skins Poster - Deth Dolly [1024]

dolly makeups

dolly eyes

Ashia Designs has rebranded to Idiosyncrasy, and all the yummies are part of the new line.

Cybernetics poster

cyber makeups

cyber eyes

Based on a skin I’ve been working on since April last year (pics are somewhere in the blog :P) it kinda took a very different direction after brainstorming with Jussy at 3am.

090524 Drow Final copy

drow makeups

drow eyes

So far we have 4 genres of skins and 3 of eyes, with more to come

Idiosyncrasy Skins Poster - Fight [1024]

fight makeups

I also welcome the return of the very popular Fight skins, my all time favies.

Huge thanks to Newdoll Nikolaidis and Justice Infinity for the incredible posters, you chicas rock.

Demos avail at the main store.
❤ Ash

~ by Ashia Tomsen on June 20, 2009.

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