Sirena Release

Sirena has arrived at Idiosyncrasy! 3 tones, 8 makeups and both light and dark brows included in the packs.

Idiosyncrasy Sirena Poster 1024

sirena pale makeups

sirena sun makeups

sirena tan makeups

I thought I would post some more information about the making of Model and Sirena, as old customers have been asking why I’ve started to use photosourcing in my work. Shown below are some of the photos I used in the making of my latest 2 releases, photos for which I purchased a commercial license to use. I also purchased ref photos of body parts (nipples etc) from Renderosity and (the “sample” text is mine, added for the purpose of this post)
Those familiar with my work would recognise the body from the Bushfire Appeal skin I made and several group gifts given out over the course of the year. This is also a skin I have been working on since April last year. In the 2 years since I started making skins, much has changed in Sl, including the love of photoreal skins. The 2 faces I’ve just released were affectionately named “Cokenose” and “foodface” originally as the betas that Sasy, Justice, Arabella and Newdoll tested indeed reminded us of someone who had just snorted coke and the other of someone who had just eaten a donut and still had frosting on the lips, because of the way the light in the photo changed and warped when wrapped around our mesh!!
Photosourcing is something I wanted to learn, and will continue to improve at, although I resisted it for a very long time as I love hand drawn anything. The mouth from “model” is sourced from Adriana Lima (also under a commercial license), as she seems to have the most popular lips in SL (trust me if mine looked like that all the time I’d be a happy camper!) As I said, this has been a massive learning curve for not just me, but all the girls. Sasy was nearly gonna get sporked one day when she sent me back to PS 4 bloody times, calling me Cokenose in voice, because of how the first version of Model’s nose looked.
I had the best time making the makeups, also learning new tricks along the way, as working with photosourced material is a whole other bucket of crazy, and completely different from the way I was used to doing things. Everyone had their requests, but both the Model and Sirena makeups have a decidedly 80’s feel, as we have all been a wee bit retrotastic lately. However, I’m stoked to have actually done it, and will continue to get better with each release.
❤ Ash

ref 1

ref 2

ref 3

~ by Ashia Tomsen on July 13, 2009.

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