Riley-Coming Soon

Just a little sneak peek of an upcoming release. Meet Riley!!! She features all new freckles, yes, I’ve said goodbye to the freckles I’ve used for the last 18 months+. It was more than time to go back to the drawing board I believe.

riley pale

Whimsy wanted full body freckles, which still freak me out :p So I compromised and did upper body ones. Sasy wanted a beauty mark behind the knee, yes, she got her way! I used my Dave Nagel skin texturing brushes which are made of fucking win. You can grab Series 27 here. I also used Series 37, but my old link has gone caput, but I’m sure they can be googled.

riley sun

As with the other releases in my blended series, there will be 8 makeups, free freckled versions and mebe a group gift.

riley tan

These pics are unedited snapshots (bar cropping). Riley will be available soon @ Idiosyncrasy.
❤ Ash

~ by Ashia Tomsen on July 29, 2009.

One Response to “Riley-Coming Soon”

  1. Group Gift FTW!

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