I’m very loath to do this, as it’s the first and last time I will discuss this situation in public, I have never mentioned the name of the other party, and still will not. Here are the facts as I know them.
3 months ago, I was sent a review copy skin. I tried on this skin with Sasy, Whimsy and Justice (we were at the deck). When it rezed in, I realised I was looking at a skin from my Timeless range.
I IM’d the person concerned and asked to see her work in progress, a basic PSD file so we could get the situation cleared up with as little drama as poss.
At this point, the other party muted me, sent the skin in question to her group as a gift, and then plurked about it.
Roughly 8 hours later I was directed to the Plurk, and a flicker pic entitled “Everyone Leave Ashia Alone” At which point I lost my temper and left a comment on her blog, which has recently been published, claiming it was a recent comment.
I filed a DMCA in Australia, then left Sydney to come to London.
Fast forward to this week and Tenshi directed me to the blog post mentioned above. I have had no contact with the author of the post, but every time I released a skin, she sent her alt in to purchase the demo. At that point I had her banned from my main store.
Also there have apparently been numerous plurks regarding this situation, the person concerned has blocked me from her timeline, so I can’t actualy see whats being said, but the jist I get is that people are now boycotting my store and the Freestyle blog as a result.
Other than the original comment I left on her blog, and my angry responses 3 months ago to her making a private situation public, I have neither said or done anything to harass, intimidate or otherwise bully her. My SL time has been sporadic with the move etc, and seeing all this drama 3 months later is sickening.
I have never made this situation public, having never discussed it with anyone other than close friends. The other party however, has used every means of public forum to crow it from the rooftops. Enough now please.
That is all, comments will be left open for this post.

~ by Ashia Tomsen on August 24, 2009.

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  1. Oh God. I’m so sorry to hear this, Ashia. If you fill me in on the details, I’ll make sure to advocate you and decry the other party in as many venues as I can.

  2. *hugs*

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